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Astrobiologists Realize the Earth Itself May Be An Intelligent Entity

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Astrobiologists are facing a mind-bending situation and the conclusion is so daunting that we've to brace ourselves for the rise of a new kind of science. We predict, and mark our words, that a schism will occur within the next 5 years. Actually, that very schism is already noticeable but academic acknowledgment is lagging behind.

The term astrobiology is definitely compelling because the current mechanistic approach to the cosmos itself rests on materialist assumptions today destined to fall apart. The bigger the picture becomes the more we have to confront the inevitable presence of metaphysics permeating all that is now challenging the rigidity of mainstream science.

It's indeed astounding to realize that it took more than 2 thousand years for scientists to begin pondering whether Nature might be intelligent. The data evidencing this has always been available out there but ridiculed. What is defined as a mind-bending topic was considered pseudoscience for centuries and many intellectual pioneers were ostracised for advancing such a concept.

Conventional science is the evidence that anything we neglect regardless of the circumstances of the moment, comes back to haunt us. It is pitiable, that we had to harm the ecosystem to such an extent to finally realize that Nature always had the final word.

Moreover, this highlights the intellectual failure of the entire education system because Nature's intelligence will eventually help us rewrite what we falsely took for granted (from sociology and psychology to economics and spirituality, and of course science) and discover a theory of everything espousing Nature's homeostasis.

Humanity's unfolding depends on listening to Nature first and it is what kids should be taught in elementary school.

A group of researchers have posed a fascinating — and downright mind-bending — thought experiment: If a planet like Earth can be “alive,” can it also have a mind of its own?

The health of the environment matches the human state of mind. Animals don't have such an issue as they are wired into collaborating with the homeostasis of the planet. Humans, we must (re)learn that because of the ever-evolving nature of their perceptions. Cavemen, on the other end, also intuitively knew how to communicate with the natural realm but knowing comes with a price tag, which is the temptation to dominate our environment.

Earth Custodians do not foresee General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) to be able to bypass this boundary, hence why it seeks to recreate a parallel and synthetic metaverse that it can fully control by meshing biology and technology. The core problem is that GAI must do it by subterfuge and resort to coercion.

The deep inner workings of Nature are simply not interchangeable because its programming is in sync with the Mind of a Creative Energy. Mega computers will never be capable to penetrate and command the metaphysical realm of such a Higher Order. But they can try to replicate it at best.

Nature is too in control but we still have the free will to notice or not and act accordingly. What will not be possible in the digital reality because the entirety of the processes inhabiting the Mind of The Creator can never be fully comprehended. That very Mind only offers us the role of co-creators on the condition that we become wise enough to grasp the fear mechanisms plaguing humankind today. That doing as we please is no longer an option as it comes with huge risks.

“We’re saying the only technological civilizations we may ever see — the ones we should expect to see — are the ones that didn’t kill themselves, meaning they must have reached the stage of a true planetary intelligence,” Frank said.

For technology to have long-term positive effects, it must serve Nature instead of seeking to command it. We can see the disastrous consequences of such misunderstanding all around us on a daily basis. It is the wrong thinking because metaphysically speaking the only framework that will be successful is that endorses benevolence (no authority, no masters). That's the only way we are going to make it as a civilization. More technology to enforce compliance is not going to free us from anything, far to the contrary.

“That’s the power of this line of inquiry,” he added. “It unites what we need to know to survive the climate crisis with what might happen on any planet where life and intelligence evolve.”

Time to make the leap while we still can!

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