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Welcome to EcoJunk

EcoJunk is WEN's most important division as an environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition, which collects the materials we need for fuel, building materials, and raw materials for our Instant EcoVillages. Eco Junk salvages as many of reusable materials as possible, diverting them from local landfills. 

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Eco junk Precious Plastics @WE Network

Eco junk Precious Plastics @WE Network

Real Life Lego Houses Are Built From Bricks Made Of Recycled Plastic

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Precious Plastic 3 - Fully explained

Things You Can Make With A Washing Machine And Other Salvaged Components : 020

10 Amazing Homemade Tools For Life using PVC Pipe

Making oil from plastic

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Gaiaship Construction

Precious Plastics

Green Power Science Fresnel Forge

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Come Work with Us

Join the Team

EcoJunk is WEN's most important division as an environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition, that collect the materials we need for fuel and building materials. Your task it to research to train or recruit already trained deconstruction crews carefully deconstruct the building to salvage as many of the reusable materials as possible, diverting them from local landfills. Salvaged items typically include doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, framing lumber, roofing materials, and flooring.

Materials are shipped to EcoJunk warehouse that will be built using tires, or to the warehouses of partnering organizations, for distribution to build our villages. If you have a truck great! No truck then it will be a priority to get one. Your division is in charge of collecting the materials and managing the constructing of the village using them. You will receive a monthly dividend to budget for this purpose. This budget is to cover tools, trucks, heavy machinery, and off-grid necessary components for the Gaiaships. In residential villages, each member that successfully finishes orientation will have a camper to cannibalize for already off-grid capable parts.(sinks, stoves, holding tanks, pumps, light fixtures, showers, toilets.)

All refuse will be gathered by contracts together with local businesses, farms, and residents! WE use everything!

  • Paper- recycled into our paper products

  • Plastic-hydrolyzed into gas for our vehicles

  • Organic-digested in our methane digesters

for fuel or used in our garden compost

  • Demolition- lots of usable wood leftovers

  • Most industrial-holding tanks, industrial equipment

  • Pallets & Tires are our main building component

  • Bars and restaurants for bottles and cans

Eco Junk Elder Tasks-

  • Make sure that you have joined the work group created for your state/location in our WE Network

Research!! On YouTube & google, your keywords are

  • Earthship (expansive costs their way but just keep in mind of our ecojunk)

  • aircrete/cobb building/construction ( WE uses a hybrid instead of concrete)

  • demolition (safety, deconstructing to save materials)

  • hydrolysis (plastic into gas!)

  • Fresnel lenses (for our blacksmiths)

  • geothermal (for our indoor comfort)

Tools your department will need (try to obtain with the budget)

  • pneumatic hammer for our way of pounding tires

  • cement mixer for our quick cobb

  • truck

  • flatbed trailer (you can make them from the camper frames after canalization)

  • shovels

  • misc. tools

Share Wanderers End page postings on your own Facebook page.

  • Think of whom you would like among your family and friends to have as a neighbor or maybe even an Elder!

  • Invite them to like WE Facebook page and into our group

  • For people needing charity or low income show them this site

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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